• If I feel unwell, I will cancel the lesson – please do the same if your child is unwell or anyone in the family – there will be no financial penalty.

• Entry will be via the gate at the other side of the house so students can get to the conservatory without going into the house.

. I will check the student's temperature with my "gun" and send them away if it is high - obviously I will contact you to let you know what's happening.

• Hand sanitiser to be used upon entry

• My bathroom will not be available, apart from in emergencies.

• Bring your own equipment to every lesson – including calculator, pen(s), ruler, compass, protractor, pencil and eraser.

• Facemasks to be worn at all times, obviously unless you have an exemption.

• I will clean the teaching area between each session and have left a gap between lessons to give me time to do this, so please stick to time given. This timing should also enable the avoidance of student contact.

• Payment can be made online if preferred – please contact me for details.